Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Last Shot

This is my last post as i have finished all of the things that i need to do in order to porduce a exellent piece of media. I have enjoyed this process and learnt a huge amount of about media producions and films. I believe that all of our hard work and effort has payed off and we have created a great title sequence that protrays what we wanted. Hopefully you like it as much as we do :D BYE x-x-x-x

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Question Seven

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you think you have learnt in progression from it to the full product?

Looking back on my preliminary task i think that i have learnt alot throughout the progess of developing our film. Such as working within a group and considerating other peoples ideas. There was a few arguements along the way and a conflict of which ideas to use but I think we over came our problems and work well together and achieve a good media production. I worked independently sometimes and voice my own ideas whilst combining and comprimising wih others.

During the process of developing our opening sequence I have developed and learnt new skills that i can apply in later media productions such as working a video camera, understanding of different angels that improve the shot and what works for the film in general as well as the style of thriller films. Specificly I have learnt all the conventions of a thriller film which were able to utilise in this project and can use again. I have never filmed or edited before so i have learnt at lot of skills. When it came to editing i was a bit worried that i would find it to difficult however once i was taught what to do i got better and learnt new skills on Imoives. It was hard to make descisons on what to edit and get rid of, and cutting shots that we liked but unecessary shots and picking the right mucic. This i found chanllaging as my group had different opinions but we came to a decsion after a long process. I believe that i challenged myself and pushed myself further to achieve the best of my skills and an great title sequences.

Now that I have developed theses skills in the media productions I would like to improve my skills in filming such as holding the camera steady and finding angels that work. Next time i do a media production i would like to become quick on the editing and creating shots that work. I found it hard to make my ideas of the project portray in shots and i would like to imporve on the next time. Overall i enjoyed the project as it taught me alot about films and in particular thriller films. Also different camera shots and angels that work and create a great image. Most of all i have learnt how hard it is to create an open sequence and film and how muc effort goes in to it, but i believe that i have produced an good media title sequence.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Question Six

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

During the filming of our Title sequence i learnt a huge amount about technologies as this is the first time i have used any of the equipment and thought about different ways of filming. When deciding the ways of filming within our group we thought we would keep to simple but effective techniques as it will allow the action and shots to really stand out. We used simple equipment like Video recorder, tripod and lamp, i ve never used this equipment before so took me a few shots before i got the hang of it. I learnt that the lighting of scenes are very important as you have to enable that certain things are light while still creating the scary aspect that we are trying to protray. It is also vaital that the camera is position correctly and filming what we intented. These two techniques are very diffcult to get correctly resulting in film scenes a several times. I learnt that no matter how many times use film a scene it is different everytime wheather good or bad.

When editing our opening sequence we used the software Imovies which i found hard to use as it is unfamiliar to me. Due to this we used simple cuts and shots at the beginning. But once i got use to it i tried to develop my skills further and experiment with the different techinques. I did this but changing the contrast, speed and cuts of the film and believe that what i did was effective of the vibe we were trying to protray to the audience. I think i have expanded my knowlegde of the technologies in media production and learnt a varity of different things that will help me in my later production of media products.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Question Five

How did you attract/address your audience?

In order for me to attract my target audience i had to take a varity of different things into consideration. I want my film to appeal and atrract a wide range of people that will enjoy different aspects of the film. For instance:

The women within the film will attract the misogynistic men and create an intense feeling for them by the mistreatment of women in the film. Their hatred for women is tested in the film and enables them an insite of the feeling of hurting women. Another aspect is that of violence in the film for those people who are masochists and enjoy the idea of pain. This is something that is presence throughout our fim and in our title sequences. The classic elements that we have inculded within our title sequence and plan to include in our film will realate more to the older greneration as they already have a great appreciation for this style film. Whereas the more modern elements will attract the younger greneration and appeal to them more. Most of all our film will attract those people who have a good appreciation for the style of film and thrillers.

An important element that we have inculded within our opening sequence and film is that of building suspence. This is something that really draws the audience in and make them feel part of the film. We built up the suspence in the beginning of the opening sequence with the use of the jewllery music and no dislogue. This created a eery and creepy feel to the film and we played this throughtout. Although the music is not dramatic and is soft it has a great effect of building the suspence. The fact that no digloue is used throughout our title sequence helps create the tension and susupence and keeps the audience guess. We broke the suspence by the scream which is the climax of all the tension built. The scream has a dramtic effect as it breaks the audiences contreation and brings them out of the eery sense created. The choice of music is vaital to this attracting the audeinces attention and maintaining it.

In order for us to address the audience as well as appeal to them the specific camera angles and shots we used were all used to draw the audience into the action in the sequence. A particuliar shot we used that addressed the audeince was when I looked directly at the camera and the audience this allows the audience to feel like their there within the action. We also used different shot and angles that isloted the audience such as the use of shadows and quick paced shots that only revealed partiucular things and keep the audience confused and guessing. The Mis-en-Scene establishes the scenes and creates an isolated place. The scenes take place in an old shower room which is unfamiliar place to the audience and doesn't allow them to relate to them. This adds to the scaryiness of the opening sequence as it's unfamiliar to them and builds the suspence. The background of the scenes are alway present even if not seen and within our opening sequence we create a isolated feel by only allow the audience to see what we see. This technique really draw in the audience as they will try and predict what it going to happen but neither the characters or audience actully know. The use of shadows in the background and light in the foreground in the last scene means anything that comes will cause suspence to the audience and further entrice them into the film whilist necessarly breaking the tension.

When creating our title sequence we considered the target audience and designed our film with elements that ensures that it appeals to them. All these different techniques help to attract them and maintain their attention. I believe that our title sequence will attract the audience that we aim to and engage them in the film.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Question Four

Who would be the audience for your media product?

My target audience for my opening sequence would be 16-25 this would be because my film represents a varity of different styles that will appeal to this range of audience. I have mix old style thriller such as music and building of tension with modern style like fast pace and gory. I believe that my film will appeal more to women then men as it is more a representation of women and especailly teenage girls who can relate closly to the main characters within the film and the issues with apearence. Overall the audience for my media product would be the type of people that like thriller films that build suspence and mixture of old and new techniques.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Question Three

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

The type of people who will distribute my film are people within the film making buisness particularly those who have distributed other thriller/horror films such as 'Rogue Pictures' and 'Pathe Productions' who have released films like 'The Strangers', 'Slient Hill' and ' Wrong Turn'. All of these films have a similarty to mine such as the killers who tease their victums and the idea of being in contral.

I would want to distribute my film to these company's as they will market and advertise my film to appeal to my targert audience. They would do this by using recent technolgy within the film moble phones, carmeras and gadgets. Also they would promote the film on the current palce such as internet site e.g. Facebook and Myspace this will ensure that the young people will see the film advertise and be intruged by it.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Question Two

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

When creating our opening sequence my group and I discussed what type of people we want our film to appeal to and decided that our targert audience would be young teenages such as 16 to young adults 25. This gives us a wide audience who will interpret and enjoy the film in different things. We decided on these ages as they are typically the people who enjoy the thriller films and most likely to go and watch it. There is more then this clinche of typical teen targert audience as our thriller throws back to older more traditional styles such as hitchcoak. This would appeal to an older audience as they have watched and apprecitated this style of filming aswell as the cinematic fans. The gives us a varity of people that would enjoy our film.

Within the film are four teenage girls who are very much concerned with their appearence. Many girls will be able to relate to this and appeals to the 16-25 age range. Males will also be appealled to this film as they streotyically enjoy thrillers and hot female characters. Men also know to be masocistic and will enjoy the graphical scenes within the film. Although we have protrayed the power of women and their independence within soecity we have streotypically provided the young girls as victums within the film. This will engage the male audience and creates the sense of simlarity we were trying to create for our audience. It is convention but also challeaging of the representation of women.

My group and I have considered the soical groups of young teens who will be watching the film who are modern and desensitised compared to the older audience who are used to the classic style of film. Due to this we have added blood and gore which is expected, however this does not shock the audience as we have built the suspese. This is an old style we used but different to the more gory style films such as Saw and believe it will have a stronger effect on the audience.

Another soical area we considered was that of money and status. Our target audience as well as characters are middle class, educated people who can afford to watch films. We wanted the people within the film to represent the people that would watch it as it creates a feeling of familarity and draw the audience in. It makes the film more effective on the audience as it feels realistic and as though it could happen to them.

I feel that our title sequence appeals to the certian sterotypical people and represents certain social groups within soecity that will appeal to our audiences. we have made our production to fit into their social area and enable them to relate to the film and issues tha are rised within it.